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Satin Kippot
Satin KippotBecause you cant improvise Elegance, we use the top quality material for our manufacture and designs, leaving you the choice of adding FREE that last touch to complete your Kippot.
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Suede Kippot
Suede KippotThe best for the best.The most genuine suede was used to elaborate the most genuine kippots, cause we always use 100% pure materials for the people who deserve the best.
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Design Suede Kippot
Design Suede KippotExcellent quality, standard size, available in a variety of prints, colors, embossed or foil stamped. Our Design Suede Kippot is ideal for any Jewish occasion: Yalmuke, wedding, Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah.
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Leather Kippot
Leather KippotWhen it is about leather, the quality is the one issue we can guarantee. Our leather is one of the finest for the kippots made for every occasion. Find yours and make your order.
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Custom Kippot
Custom KippotCasual events, we bring you the last collection of kippots unique for this kind of events. A 4 panels hand crafted kippots with the multicolor variety that will steal the attention in any special event.
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Sport Kippot
Sport KippotIncluding the most originals Sport designs, a 4 panels made and a hand crafted Kippot, combined with an enthusiastic Sport design of your wish can be the answer you were looking for the occasion.
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AccessoriesBecause we really want to fill up your needs, we also have for a great variety of Jewish accessories.
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BentchersDifferent designs for different messages for every occasion, because we think on every need for your spirituality.
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KetubosEach Ketubah is hand painted and is personalized on the finest paper with the finest watercolors.
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Traditional Taleisem
Traditional TaleisemOur Traditional Taleisem are custom handmade of the finest cotton fabric. Decide wich one you like and make your order.
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Brocade Kippot
Brocade KippotIn a bond of class and luxury our designers create the Brocade kippots for every Jewish occasion: Yalmuke, wedding, Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah.
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Moire Kippot
Moire KippotEvery Moire Yarmulkes are custom handmade of the finest Bengaline moire fabric, they are designed for the perfect occasion and for the perfect soul.
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Velvet Kippot
Velvet KippotFrom the finest Velvet fabrics, we bring you a velvet 4 panel kippah. A personalize kippah with optional Buttons and Trimmings ready to be wore on any Jewish occasion: Yalmuke, wedding, Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah.
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Velour Kippot
Velour KippotBest quality for the best customers. If you were looking for multi-occasional Kippots, we also specialize our designs in classic Kippots. Make your order soon and enjoy your kippots.
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Kippah Source supplying high quality different type of designs kippot such as satin, velvet, brocade, velour, latest contemporary leather, suede, foils and specialty yarmulke styles in New York, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Miami, Chicago and Philadelphia.